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Earlier in the year we announced that two of our associates were giving their time and talents and truly living out our organization’s Core Values by going on a mission trip to serve those less fortunate in Kenya.  Their adventure and story is very humbling and we are very proud of what they so selflessly volunteered for. 

Medxcel Facilities Management (FM), announced earlier this year  a partnership with TriMedx Foundation. Medxcel FM Indiana Regional Director Eric Waller and Assistant Regional Director Josh James heard of the initiative and the need for individuals with facilities management experience. They were very quick to volunteer. Josh James, a skilled electrician by trade, and Eric Waller with mechanical and managerial experience, seemed a natural fit as they have the skill set required as well as a servants’ heart to help others.

Armed with suitcases full of wires, bolts, tools and any other supplies they thought they might need, they headed to the airport on January 4th on a journey that would impact the lives of so many.  “You don’t have the luxury of running to a hardware store over there – knowing what we were tasked to do, we had to make sure we took everything with us,” Eric said. 

The founder of Kenya Relief, Steve James, met them at the airport and certainly made an impact on both Eric and Josh. The orphanage Mr. James and his wife founded, works to ensure there is a safe environment for the children in their care providing an education, medical attention, food and a place to live. “It can be a scary place, and Steve has worked really hard to protect the children from all the predators you might find in Africa and make sure they are really taken care of,” Eric states.  “The desire to help was there from the minute we decided to make the trip, but once you are there it just becomes more of a humbling and immediate burning to say ‘I am here, how can I help?”  

Kenya Relief has been working for years at building this community for these children, and knowing the task at hand Eric and Josh were ready to jump in and get to work.  One area of need was to repair electrical power distribution panels and equipment.  But this task was faced with multiple challenges, the biggest being rolling black-outs that are frequent in this area.   “When you’re working with electricity and trying to fix something, it makes it rather hard when the power keeps going out with no announcement,” Josh stated.  But even with these challenges, Eric and Josh pressed on and built three breaker panels at the clinic and orphanage to improve the safety of the structure. 
After working 14-15 hour days for 10 days, Eric and Josh were ready to come back home; however even after the trip was over they couldn’t help but start thinking of when they could go back and serve again and how Medxcel FM could become even more involved. “Taking lemons and making lemonade.  That became our motto of the trip,” Eric said. “We worked with what we had and improvised plenty, but it was all to ensure a safe environment for these children and that was our ultimate goal.”

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