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Tornadoes. Active shooters. Technology misfires, construction mishaps, infectious disease outbreaks, or other scenarios you never would’ve guessed. These are no longer rare occurrences: It only takes a cursory glance at news headlines to realize crises strike healthcare facilities and the people they serve every day.

The ability to respond and resolve crises with minimal loss — to people, property, productivity and profits — isn’t something healthcare facilities can afford to skimp on or put off.

In this resource, you’ll find practical guidance for emergency preparedness and response, specific to healthcare environments. You’ll learn essential practices that will save you from trouble in the future, and mistakes that can derail your efforts, sink your profits or reputation, and put patients at risk.

Our goal is to leave you with at least one idea you can implement immediately. With so much at stake, every improvement is another layer of protection against potentially catastrophic harm.