Cost control surpassed revenue growth as healthcare system CEOs’ number one priority in 2018. Sixty-two percent of respondents to Advisory Board’s Annual Health Care CEO Survey shared they were “extremely interested” in “preparing the enterprise for sustainable cost control.” This percentage exceeds any topic in the past four years of the survey’s existence.

CEOs understand that to deliver exceptional care, they must use competitive cost structures to build effective growth and financial sustainability. By investing in the people and processes serving in operational roles, healthcare enterprises will not only ensure their hospital runs effectively in the short term, they will also set their organizations up for long-term success and lower future costs. 

In this resource, we aim to:

  • Walk through the four major areas affecting cost control in healthcare facilities: energy, workforce, compliance and standardization
  • Examine areas for adjustment to stop cost overflow
  • Plan for the future with solutions that can be enacted today

Our goal: to leave you with actionable insights that will benefit you now and in the future.