Pre-Audit Adaptation: Ensuring Daily Joint Commission Compliance

With the ever-changing landscape of regulatory compliance, the key to success is to be nimble and adaptable to the changes recently made by The Joint Commission and prepare for changes on the horizon.

In this white paper you will find:

  • Break down of the major changes TJC adopted last year and what that means for healthcare organizations as they prepare for their next survey.
  • Four crucial steps hospitals leaders should follow to allow for a more achievable (and less costly) resolution when deficiencies arise and ensure a smoother survey process.

The pressure to ensure constant compliance between surveys has never been stronger on hospital leadership as The Joint Commission and other Accreditation Organizations continually increases the accountability measures for accredited Healthcare Organizations.  The days when Healthcare Organizations could wait to address regulatory compliance issues 12-18 months before a survey have passed. Today’s Healthcare Organizations can’t simply spruce things up before a surveyor’s visit; they must integrate their Accredited Organization’s requirements into their daily practices, and plan for necessary investments and improvement plans across the two-to-three-year cycle between their audits. This is critical not just to keep accreditation, but also to manage budgets and project timelines.

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