InSourcing Model

Multiplying your facility’s efficiencies while reducing your spend isn’t only doable, but sustainable.

Key components making this possible are:

  1. growing your in-house capabilities,
  2. reducing your reliance on external service contracts, and
  3. leveraging the expertise, intel and buying power of a vendor-neutral partner.

Multiplying Your In-House Capabilities

Medxcel equips you with the best in-house service possible by providing targeted training for the technicians and managers dedicated to the service of your facility. We’ll use rich data to identify service trends, needs and insourcing opportunities. We’ll then train your existing associates or recruit new expertise to fulfill needed functions.

Insourcing Model
  • Facility Maintenance & Services
  • Environment of Care
  • Emergency Management
  • Safety
  • Project Management & Construction
  • Grounds

The Medxcel model provides the best in-house service possible by providing an investment in training opportunities for the technicians and managers dedicated to the service of your facility.

Build Your Know-How

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InSourcing Model

Your organization’s mission, goals and values are important to Medxcel and are vital to the development of our plan to drive cost containment and quality improvement throughout your organization. Medxcel has a rich tradition of bringing expertise back to the hospital facility through our state of the art, insourcing strategy.

We’ll equip you with everything you need to move your facilities toward self-sufficiency and away from costly, external contracts. Through our comprehensive suite of facilities services, we’ll optimize your healthcare ecosystem, improving efficiency and helping you to contain costs.

Medxcel brings you a holistic and centralized support structure that strives to drive efficiencies that lower cost, ultimately allowing your organization to optimize your physical assets.