When the COVID-19 outbreak first began in the U.S., hospitals and healthcare facilities operations had to change, fast. The pandemic has challenged hospitals everywhere to develop new approaches and find resources to prevent the spread of the disease as time, money and labor became scarce.
In order to navigate a crisis, our teams have had to implement emergency plans quickly and efficiently. Our teams have prepared for this moment, creating detailed safety and emergency plans, processes and procedures to handle any emergencies within the health systems we serve. Handling any emergency of this caliber requires a dedicated safety and emergency management team with decades of experience. Here at Medxcel, our experienced teams have responded to every kind of crisis, including natural and man-made disasters. The pandemic however required a unique approach – one that our teams were well-equipped to handle.

As Medxcel’s National Vice President of Operations, Matthew Keahey says, “To begin the process of pivoting operationally mid-pandemic, the day-to-day operations of a hospital, along with the safety, emergency management and facilities management teams needed to work together more so than ever before.” Shifting operations at the 160+ hospitals that we serve has caused our associates to develop new efficiencies to keep patients, visitors and staff safe.
A result of our facilities teams’ quick thinking was the establishment of the National Incident Command Center, which has provided a framework for our operations teams. Under the guidance of the CDC, our teams have gotten to work immediately, adjusting various processes and programs. Also complementing the National Incident Command Center is Medxcel’s Facilities Assessment and Support Team (FAST). FAST has provided ongoing engineering advice and solutions to requests across the country. This has allowed facilities to deploy the efficient, cost-effective solutions for their individual needs.

Throughout our facilities, there is now supplemental signage, increased cleaning measures and temperature checks for employees and guests. Over 45,000 COVID-19 related signs were placed by our teams, which were created to feel natural in the space by matching each facility’s branding style. These informative signs and safety measures have been successful in preventing the spread of the infectious disease. With the long-term impact of COVID-19 beginning to take effect, we are constantly asking ourselves if what we are doing now will be compatible with the needs of tomorrow.
Change doesn’t have to be disruptive, and our goal has always been to implement new safety measures and procedures in a way that keeps patients and guests feeling comfortable and welcome. With facilities everywhere re-opening, and more people venturing outdoors, our operations teams are continuing to be faced with new challenges.

By adapting quickly and developing new approaches, our teams have been able to shift operations in a way that has blended seamlessly into the natural flow of each hospital. This hard work has allowed our facilities to see success and keep safety as a top priority. How is your facility handling operations at this time? Connect with us via phone at 855-633-9235 or email us at info@medxcel.com to see how we can be of assistance during COVID-19 and beyond.