Medxcel Planning, Design and Construction (Medxcel PDC) has a dedicated focus on our people and customers, and provides tools, processes, support resources, data analytics and insource strategies that drive results. Multiplying your facility’s efficiencies while reducing your spend isn’t only doable, but sustainable.

Key components making this possible are (a) growing your in-house capabilities, (b) reducing your reliance on external service contracts, and (c) leveraging the expertise, intel and buying power of a vendor-neutral partner.

Our unified planning, design and construction platform ensures your healthcare facilities align with your organizations building standards and patient care goals. Compliance assurance and a seamless transition to our facilities management team ensure you will open your facilities successfully and on time with the right ongoing support for safe healing environments for your patients.

“Well-designed, supportive health care environments can not only prevent harm and injury but also provide psychological support and aid the healing process.”

–Planning, Design, and Construction of Health Care Facilities, Joint Commission Resources.

Aligning Planning, Design and Construction with Ongoing Facilities Maintenance

Service Overview


Medxcel PDC conducts system-wide facility planning to align facilities assets with organizational strategy and market projections. The Medxcel PDC team of experts, with professional resources, focus on how healthcare facilities need to change due to rapid changes in the industry, code compliance, neighborhood health, sustainability and energy management. On a smaller scale, we perform feasibility studies and pre-design efforts on projects to help healthcare leaders make determinations on where to invest limited resources. We assist the owner in providing Owner Project Requirements (OPR) for use in business case presentations and planning for capital cycles.


Medxcel PDC leads a project through several design phases. The project team analyzes Owner Project Requirements (OPR), space, availability, environmental concerns, code compliance, and industry best practice with a joint goal of a complete set of construction documents and appropriate Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) approvals. After the development of the Owner Project Requirements (OPR), we advance drawings and specifications through collaboration with the hospital team.
During design our project managers work with the project team to:

  • Review drawings
  • Confirm scope and program
  • Challenge schedule assumptions
  • Finalize project budget
  • Identify external risks to project goals
  • Address health and safety of staff, patients and visitors

Medxcel PDC facilitates Infection Control Risk Assessments (ICRA) and Interim Life Safety Measure (ILSM) analysis and assist with approvals leading to the construction phase.


Construction is a complex process involving many phases, stakeholders, and subject matter expertise to assure all specifications are met and that all systems are operational, the project is delivered safely, on schedule, and within the financial parameters.
Consistent with the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) Guide and the Construction Extension to the PMBOK®, project managers for each project manage:

  • Integration
  • Scope
  • Schedule
  • Cost
  • Quality
  • Resource
  • Communications
  • Risk
  • Procurement
  • Stakeholders
  • Project health, safety, security & environmental
  • Financial

In a formalized closing process projects are commissioned for functionality, record documents are created and financial obligations closed out. Medxcel PDC has a proactive program that includes follow-up walks to assure continued complete customer satisfaction.

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