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Addressing Ligature and Suicide Risks in Healthcare Facilities

This white paper addresses the ligature risks surveyors look for in healthcare facilities and how to conduct ligature risk assessmenst in various environments.

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Rising Risks and New Demands for Emergency Preparedness in Healthcare

This white paper discusses lessons learned in recent years, helping healthcare organizations prepare for future disasters.

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Prioritizing Healthcare Facilities Readiness Among Budget Constraints

This white paper details how healthcare systems must prioritize healthcare facilities readiness as they return to normal operations post-pandemic, during a time of fiscal challenges.

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As the largest sole provider of healthcare facilities services in the U.S., Medxcel delivers operational savings, reduces supply chain costs, and increases compliance scores by optimizing current resources and improving the overall healthcare environment.

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Funding a First-Class Emergency Management Program


Between weather disasters, technology failures and man-made crises, hospital leaders often find themselves having to put their emergency response plans to the test. Too often, those responsibilities are assigned as additional duties to staff in other healthcare roles such as the facilities manager, emergency department director, or even administrative personnel. That model is no longer viable.

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Three Strategies to Navigate Rural Healthcare Challenges


Limited funding and resources amplify financial challenges for rural hospitals when compared to facilities located in more urban and suburban areas, forcing them to be more resourceful in terms of compliance. Due to these obstacles, an estimated 30% of rural hospitals in the U.S. are currently at risk of closing and leaving their communities with limited access to life-saving healthcare.

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Emergency Preparedness in Healthcare: Planning for Self-Sufficiency


In recent years the healthcare industry has learned what can happen when crises catch healthcare providers unprepared. Emergency management not only keeps patients, hospital staff and visitors safe at times of heightened risks, but also sustains revenue, enabling hospitals to remain operational during a disaster.

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Outside the Patient's Door Podcast

As a healthcare leader, your job is about so much more than a bottom line. Between navigating a pandemic, staffing and the constant pressures to improve efficiencies and patient care, a lot can rest on your shoulders. Outside the Patient’s Door is the place to dive into the issues that are at the forefront of your mind. We go behind the science of healthcare with one goal in mind: people first.

Each episode will cover an in-depth topic, featuring a panel of your peers and showcasing what is possible through building partnerships, exchanging ideas and gaining a fresh perspective. Join us as we examine innovative ways to confront both age-old obstacles and brand new policies. Outside the Patient’s Door is where influential healthcare leaders come to connect, learn, and improve.


Challenges Facing Healthcare

Michael Argir, CEO & President

New Trends in Healthcare

Michael Argir, CEO & President

Capital Management

Jason Scheidler, Chief Financial Officer

Emergency Management

Scott Cormier, Vice President of Emergency Management, Environment of Care and Safety

Environment of Care

Scott Cormier, Vice President of Emergency Management, Environment of Care and Safety

Operational Efficiency

Jason Scheidler, Chief Financial Officer

Skills Gap

Matthew Keahey, National Vice President, Operations

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