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3 Strategies for Hospital Roofing Infrastructure


Healthcare facilities managers must be proactive in assessing their roofing assets before extreme weather hits, a leak is discovered or worse.

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Staffing Strategies: Appreciate, Talk and Mentor


Staffing challenges at hospitals and other healthcare facilities are nothing new. Burnout is a real concern among healthcare workers, whether they’re on the front lines treating patients or working behind the scenes.

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Handwashing Compliance Often Not as Good as Leaders Hope


Hand hygiene compliance can be low in many healthcare facilities. Ongoing education and monitoring is necessary.

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How to Select the Right Boiler or Water Heater System


Considerations from first cost to energy performance help match the right equipment to your specific facility’s needs

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How COVID-19 Re-Focused Facilities on Compliance


The pandemic was the ultimate litmus test for and real-world example of hospital compliance standards.

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Designing Behavioral Health Facilities With Patients in Mind


Effective design decisions enhance client well-being and improve outcomes by providing the most effective conditions for healing.

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Preventing Workplace Violence Through Proactive Security Strategies


By taking a proactive approach to security threats, managers can minimize risk to patients and staff.

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How to Solve the Top 5 Weather Challenges for Healthcare Facilities


Severe weather and natural disasters pose one of the most challenging scenarios for healthcare administrators. When tornadoes hit, and hurricanes make landfall, emergency managers, facility directors and executives across the organization must anticipate the possible impacts and worst-case scenarios of the weather event to coordinate an appropriate response and ensure the needs of patients and employees are met. 

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Strategies for Supporting Mental Health in Healthcare Facilities


Facilities staff might not outwardly express feelings of anxiety, but managers can look for other signs of stress.

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Workplace Violence: Security is Part of Patient Care


Unfortunately, as is the case with pandemics and natural disasters, the reality is that it’s not a question of whether a disaster will occur or not, but when it will strike. Thankfully, we have several tools at our disposal to equip our teams with the resources they need to combat these situations and minimize the risk to patients they serve. 

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XCON 2022 to focus on new approaches in digital construction


Industry professionals and thought-leaders from top U.S., and global design and construction firms will return for the Bluebeam Extreme Conference (XCON), the essential event for building professionals.

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Healthcare Facilities Compliance: What Lies Ahead


Facilities managers involved in compliance face a range of new and expanded regulations and standards.

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Healthcare Facilities Compliance: Expanding Challenges


Facilities managers responsible for compliance face expanded regulations and standards and must work with systems and resources upended by the pandemic.

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Buy or Lease? Real Estate Considerations for Healthcare


The conversation about whether to buy or lease an existing facility is complicated and requires input from facility managers.

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Backup Power Keeps Hospitals Operating in Times of Crisis


Here are strategies and tactics to ensure facilities have reliable backup power options when patients need it the most.

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Access Control Systems Reevaluated in Wake of Mass Shootings


The mass shooting at a Tulsa hospital leaves many facilities rethinking access control

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Balancing Energy Efficiency, Compliance, and Patient Care in Healthcare Facilities


Hospitals are one of the largest commercial consumers of energy, meaning energy efficiency and sustainability are important for the environment and the facility’s longevity.

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3 Steps to Disrupt and Repair Supply Chains


Now is the time for facilities managers to examine what is and is not working in supply chains and take action to rebuild them.

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How Facilities Managers Can Better Prepare for Emergencies


Scott Cormier discusses how facility managers can weather the next storm.

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3 Ways to Solve Staffing Issues


There is a no "one-size-fits-all" solution when it comes to attracting and retaining talent.

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