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Expertise Guiding Healthcare Organizations to a Safe and Compliant Healing Environment

Medxcel is the largest sole provider of healthcare facilities services in the U.S., dedicated to creating a safe healing environment in the hospitals we serve. We understand that staying ahead of compliance regulations, ligature risks, life safety drawings and mechanical, electrical & plumbing concerns is a full-time job, and many hospitals lack the additional resources and staff to dedicate time to this.​

The first step is understanding the current state of your facility, understand where the deficiencies are, know how to remediate and the cost associated with remediations. Medxcel not only has the appropriate resources, but also a level of expertise that will provide a road map for the facility to ensure continuous survey readiness.

Medxcel looks at each facility from a neutral perspective to give you the awareness about your facility. Utilizing our predictive database of survey trends across the 160 hospitals we serve nationwide, we can help identify what the areas of focus are for The Joint Commission and other regulatory bodies to ensure deficiencies are identified prior to your next survey.

Medxcel Consulting Services

Larry Lacombe, Vice President of Program Development and Facilities Compliance

Service Overview

Medxcel’s team of subject matter experts hold decades of experience in facilities compliance and optimized facility performance. To ensure your healthcare organization is ready for the next regulatory survey, taking the step to fully understand the current state of your facility is crucial. Medxcel offers the consulting services listed below in supporting your efforts towards survey readiness.

Facility Conditions Assessment

Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) systems and equipment are the backbone to facility operations. Ensuring this equipment is operating at maximum efficiency not only creates smoother operations, but could generate cost savings for the facility. Medxcel’s MEP and healthcare facility management experts perform assessments of facilities across the country. They evaluate current state, identify critical system issues, develop cost projections for system upgrades and replacements, and generate a facility capital infrastructure plan that identifies critical infrastructure necessary to maintain the hospital at an optimal level.

Life Safety Assessment

Life safety is a critical component for all healthcare facilities. The Medxcel Life Safety team has decades of experience and success in ensuring that all areas of concern for Life Safety are identified and corrective measures are in place.

The Medxcel Life Safety team will conduct a Life Safety Assessment based on the 2012 edition of the Life Safety Code.

Medxcel's Drawings Team specialize in updating Life Safety Drawings, modifying drawings to reflect as-built conditions as well as creating drawings upon request.

Physical Environment Review

Whether it’s in preparation for an upcoming regulatory survey or you are looking for full view into your facility’s compliance, Medxcel will thoroughly assess your facility’s current state.

Medxcel’s Physical Environment Review is an opportunity to conduct a detailed review of operational and regulatory compliance as they relate to facilities management and deliver a plan for compliance assurance.

The goal is to identify deficiencies in operations and regulatory compliance requirements that are needed for improvement.

Ligature Risk Assessment

The Joint Commission has placed a special focus on suicide, self-harm and ligature observations in psychiatric hospitals and behavioral health units.

Medxcel’s ligature assessment process aligns clinical and facilities teams to ensure all potential points of ligature are documented and addressed, not only to ensure a smooth survey, but more importantly, to ensure a safe healing environment.

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