Finding the right balance of full-time employees (FTEs) and contractors can be a challenge for any healthcare facility, especially since each healthcare facility has different needs.  Read more to see how our experts strike that perfect balance.  

Finding the right balance of full-time employees (FTEs) and contractors can be a challenge for any healthcare facility. With the current COVID-19 global pandemic, it can be more difficult than ever to determine the right number of FTEs to successfully handle an emergency, especially because different facilities will have different FTE needs. For example, a medical office building that runs an eight-hour day Monday through Friday will operate very differently than an acute care hospital operating 24/7.
FTEs can be calculated by reviewing a variety of aspects, including:
  • The age of the facility
  • Number of buildings on healthcare campus
  • Infrastructure within the building
  • Size of the facility
  • Type of care provided
At Medxcel, the amount of FTEs is determined partially by square footage of the particular building. In general, there is one FTE for every 36,000 square feet of space. This is not exact for every facility, but rather illustrates the average from individual assessments conducted from Medxcel facilities across the country.
Outsourcing work can cut back costs initially, but often eliminating FTEs can come at a higher, long-term cost when facilities become overwhelmed with fewer staff and are locked into expensive external service contracts. It’s important to create an optimized workforce that can manage functions internally, efficiently and cost-effectively. 
With many facilities managers, emergency management and construction teams currently on the front lines fighting the virus, it’s crucial that there are enough employees to get the job done. Without a proper balance of FTEs and contractors, projects can fail to be executed or work could be completed at a lower quality. Just like doctors, nurses and healthcare professions are essential to providing patient care, these associates are fundamental to ensuring healthcare facilities are safe and functional places for patients to heal.
The COVID-19 crisis presents greater risks of infectious disease spreading throughout facilities. During the outbreak, Medxcel had full-time maintenance personnel on staff at every location that were able to step up to convert rooms into isolated areas and put mechanisms in place to limit potential cross-contamination between rooms. Without these dedicated staff members, implementing solutions quickly and efficiently would’ve been a significantly more stressful process. 
To be best prepared for a potential outbreak, it’s imperative that your organization has an infectious disease plan prepared to protect your patients, visitors and staff. As the pandemic continues to develop, we are continuing to monitor adjust our FTE plans and ensure we have the appropriate number of FTEs and contractors to keep our facilities running smoothly, efficiently and safely. 
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