Keeping employees engaged at work has its own set of challenges, and when employees experience fear, uncertainty or anxiety during times of crisis, engagement proves even more difficult. With the global COVID-19 pandemic, Medxcel was able to successfully engage thousands of employees amid rapidly changing circumstances by relying on established employee programs and developing new ways to drive satisfaction.

Addressing new challenges.
With associates spread across 160 sites of care, Medxcel works to ensure all employees feel supported wherever they are. The pandemic presented new concerns on personal safety, with many employees working on the frontlines to contain the spread of the disease. Creating a safe and healthy environment has always been a top priority at Mexcel, but the pandemic brought new practices to facilities to protect staff and prevent them from bringing home COVID-19 to their own families.
The increased workload also had a significant impact on employees, with 10% of Medxcel staff transitioning to working remotely. Having primarily operated in-person previously, working remotely brought with it many of the technological challenges that come with adapting to a virtual environment.
With the lack of physical contact within facilities, employees often felt a lack of interpersonal communication, and increased levels of anxiety and sadness surrounding the pandemic. In order to address these concerns, Medxcel embraced the shift in work dynamics rather than avoiding it, and rallied around successes during the pandemic to uplift and encourage employees.
Medxcel’s common purpose is to support life's moments by enabling safe and healthy environments for our communities, hospitals and the healthcare systems that we serve. By focusing messaging around this common purpose, Medxcel was able to establish a shared goal to guide everything we do.
Sharing success stories.
Our teams at Medxcel have shown incredible resiliency during the past year supporting the doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals who treat patients. This has led to the best associate engagement survey results and scores surrounding pride we’ve ever had. Making real connections and building work relationships is just one method we’ve instilled to make sure all employees feel seen, heard and respected.   
Building a highly engaged workforce is no easy task, but throughout this experience, compassion has become a lasting key theme at Medxcel. The power of storytelling has created many opportunities to bring this theme to life by compiling stories and sharing them widely. These efforts have allowed Medxcel to provide recognition and celebrate those who are going above and beyond in their local communities.
One example of this is the story of two employees at a senior nursing care unit who sought out a solution to patients being unable to visit their family members. They decided to create a visitation booth that allowed residents to see and hear their family members through glass while staying fully socially distanced and protected from COVID-19. The associates built the booth in their own time and with their own supplies, showcasing their dedication and compassion which was shared throughout the organization.
Interested in learning more? Listen to episode five of our podcast Outside the Patient’s Door, which features industry experts Jennefer Pursifull, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Medxcel, and Cassandra Crowe-Jackson, Chief Experience Officer at Sharp HealthCare. Jennefer and Cassandra share specific examples of how they boosted engagement survey responses even during the toughest moments. You can listen at outsidethepatientsdoor.com, or find us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and more.
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