At healthcare facilities, the needs of patients come first. While organizations need to implement strong business strategies to remain open and continue acting as an essential resource for the community, all decisions should be mission-driven rather than profit-driven.

Fortunately, focusing on people and prioritizing the interests of patients often works hand-in-hand with profitability. When healthcare leaders devote their focus to fulfilling community needs ahead of financial results, ripple effects create an effective people-centered environment that will support a successful healthcare business.

According to a Health Care Management Review study of over 3,700 hospitals, positive patient experiences are associated with increased profitability, while negative patient experiences are strongly associated with decreased profitability. Likewise, prioritizing associate engagement will translate into increased retention, which leads to stronger productivity throughout the organization.
When patients know they will receive high-quality treatment and associates are passionate about their work, more people will continue supporting the organization. Innovative and cost-effective solutions can also help increase efficiency, granting the team more time and resources to devote to patients. At Medxcel, we have a dedicated focus on people, which translates directly into the work we do to optimize current resources and improve the overall healthcare environment.

Doing Right by Patients

To best serve patients, everyone in the organization needs to recognize safety and compassion as top priorities. Aligning patient needs and hospital resources should be at the core of all decision-making in order to support patient interests while maintaining effective facility operations.
Personalizing the healthcare experience for each patient can greatly improve satisfaction. Instead of focusing primarily on efficiency, encourage associates to treat patients and their families like they would their own loved ones. When the team takes the time to show compassion, patients will have more positive experiences and be inclined to return to the facility for future care.
Healthcare leaders should empower associates to put patient needs first and lead with compassion. Associates may need to find creative solutions to best support a patient and their family, but as long as their behavior remains legal and ethical, leadership should allow, or even encourage, these actions.

Supporting the Team

Associates in all areas of the organization play essential roles in creating a positive environment. If associates are not satisfied in their workplace, it will be apparent in the quality of their work and the way they interact with others. Conversely, investing in associates will show up in the way they support the organization.
Improving engagement and respect throughout the organization will have widespread business impacts, from increasing retention to boosting customer satisfaction. Healthcare leaders set an example and build a service culture by recognizing employees for their work and taking the time to check in with them individually.
When associates are passionate about the work they are doing and inspired by their purpose, profitability naturally follows. At Medxcel, we support our customers' goals through our associates working toward a common purpose to support life’s moments, enabling safe and healthy communities.
Balancing high-quality care with business needs can be challenging at times, but the lasting benefits of creating a people-focused environment will guide the organization toward long-term success. For support implementing people-focused policies and cost-effective solutions to continue best serving patient needs, request a consultation with our team.