The COVID-19 outbreak has impacted employees globally in their personal and professional lives, leading many to experience anxiety, burnout and uncertainty. Maintaining employee engagement and productivity during times of crisis can be challenging, but showing compassion and providing support can lead to high engagement and long-term success. 

Here at Medxcel, we have over 2,200 associates serving at healthcare facilities across the U.S. By investing in professional development, and creating an open dialogue between leadership and associates, our facilities teams have been able to step up and accomplish tasks that otherwise would not have been possible. 
Finding innovative solutions has been crucial to navigating the current situation. Our HVAC teams set up cameras in front of the HVAC systems to monitor and assess while working from home. Many of our teams have assisted in creating negative pressure spaces for the influx of COVID-19 patients. We’ve also established mobile screening sites to meet patients where they are, worked with partners outside of the healthcare market to procure a robust supply chain (including PPE, air scrubbers, mobile morgues, emergency tents and more) that may be difficult to find in the middle of an emergency, and much more during this time.
Creating a safe environment so that doctors, nurses and other personnel could provide care for patients has always been the top priority at Medxcel. With the spread of COVID-19, maintaining a safe environment has required our teams to adapt. The Facilities Assessment and Support Team (FAST) was formed as a COVID-19 response group for each of our facilities. This team has worked around the clock to provide ongoing advice and support as requests came in from our facilities across the country. In times when employees are being asked to go above and beyond, as we saw with COVID-19, the common purpose of maintaining a safe healing environment for all drove high engagement and allowed us to achieve success together.
Our service program, Engage!, was developed to ensure stakeholders were receiving a consistent experience regardless of location. We’ve also created a national portfolio showcasing sites with the highest associate engagement. This was correlated with net promoter score and customer satisfaction ratings to determine that Medxcel was exceeding every single category of our guidelines. Our net promoter score leapt 10 points, putting us in a best-in-class category by industry standards, with associate loyalty exceeding 80%.
Last year, Medxcel was recognized for the fourth consecutive time as one of the Achievers 50 Most Engaged Workplaces in North America, an award that identifies top employers that display superior leadership and innovation in their workplaces by providing a culture in which all members can be supported and thrive. Our associates continue to work towards a common purpose and provide peer-to-peer support, even during times of crisis, which speaks volumes to the dedication and drive of our employees.
Disengaged employees affect the overall patient experience, and it’s imperative to take actionable steps and keep a pulse on the engagement in your workplace. Learn more about the data behind engaged, not-engaged and actively disengaged employees and its impact on the patient experience in our white paper, Employee Engagement and Its Impact on the Patient Experience: A Deeper Look.
As facilities management, emergency management and construction teams have worked together alongside healthcare professionals, we’ve been able to build a cycle of engagement and create safe healing spaces that function at their best - even in the middle of a global pandemic. As our Vice President of Marketing and Engagement Jennefer Pursifull put it, “Feeling pride in our company and the work that we do translates directly to the hospitals and facilities we serve, which translates even further to our patients. You aren’t constantly withdrawing; you’re depositing that positive energy back into the environment.” We are so proud of our passionate, hard-working and value-based teams that call Medxcel home. Thank you to all of our associates!
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