The battle with COVID-19 is not over just yet. As we complete year two of a global pandemic, the loved ones we have lost, the economic turmoil of worldwide shutdown and questions surrounding prevention have all been at the forefront of our minds. Meanwhile, facility design and healthcare technology are probably not things you consider very often, if at all.

Computer.jpgIf there is anything to be gained from the last two years, the innovation of healthcare technology and facilities will push the future of healthcare to better conditions for patients and staff. The future of facility management is destined for a shift as we continue to adopt new technologies and facility design updates in the years to come.

Technology Advancements
We witnessed firsthand how time was of the essence in the first few months of the pandemic, with the needs of facilities changing almost daily. Because of the pressing demands to adapt to constant change, we saw healthcare innovations that would normally take decades advance in merely a few months.
While much of the American workforce transitioned to remote work, hospital facility managers and staff were needed on-site to manage facility systems. For patient-facing operations, the shift from in-person to virtual doctor visits became essential for facilities to run safely. Innovative healthcare technology and tools enable patients to attend virtual doctors visits, establishing a virtual community for the healthcare ecosystem.

Facility Design
COVID-19 created lasting changes to facility design that will remain even after the pandemic is over. We witnessed changes to four key areas of the hospital facility:
  • Cafeterias
  • Public lobby spaces
  • Family spaces
  • Patient rooms
All four of these spaces have seen changes to functionality, creating more space between patrons and servicing them on a more individualized basis. In addition to changes in proximity, updated ventilation systems reduce the spread of contaminants.
A Future for Facilities Managers
We at Medxcel believe that adaptability is essential. With the urgent reality of an aging workforce, there is a growing need for young facilities managers with technology-driven minds, a knack for automation and advanced leadership skills. We see new innovative tech solutions coming into the market almost daily. Due to this, facilities managers must have the knowledge and expertise to assess the technologies that will be most effective in their facility. We’re confident that facilities managers will be able to stay ahead of the curve to deliver top-notch care for the years to come.
While our future with COVID is uncertain, we know that time will continue to drive innovation and push our facilities forward in our pursuit of focused quality care for all of our patients.
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