Creating a culture where employees feel pride in their work can be an afterthought - especially when leaders are often busy executing their own jobs - but it is a crucial foundation for building a positive workplace environment. At Medxcel, we prioritize instilling pride among our team members by celebrating our employees’ successes, both personally and professionally. With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, our employees have had to adapt to address new challenges, showcasing their creativity, innovation and quality of work.

Leading by example.
Developing pride of ownership and workmanship starts with the leadership team. Medxcel has a leadership philosophy guided by our core values, creating the expectations and structure to display and celebrate the successes of others. Having a shared purpose of attitudes, values, goals, practices, behaviors, or even habits defines a team or an organization, and creates unity among employees. The more leaders are able to understand and recognize their own strengths, weaknesses, and passions and doubts, the better they can empathize and support their teams.
Our leaders adopt a servant leadership mindset, placing emphasis on supporting their teams and bringing out the greatness in others. This mindset allows leaders to help others find their passions and support them in their career goals and beyond their current roles.
By introducing this culture in leaders, Medxcel has seen positive outcomes within the entire organization. Patient experience scores have increased, in addition to physician and caregiver engagement scores, which demonstrates how the entire community has benefitted. Establishing a great place to work also involves a strong work/life balance, where leaders set an example for employees to find a healthy balance that works for their lifestyle. At Medxcel, we want to maintain an environment where team members enjoy the work they do and have fun, but also get work done and continue to find new, innovative ways to do things.
Creating opportunities for everyone to step up and lead is imperative to instilling this feeling of pride. For example, at one facility there is a structure of seven employee committees that are led by informal leaders, ranging in opportunities from a spirit squad to focusing on topics such as mission and action, rewards and recognition, environmental sustainability, wellness, and more. These enable everyone to be involved and make decisions on behalf of the organization.
Displaying pride in response to the pandemic.
While the pandemic created many difficulties for facilities teams, it also highlighted the team’s resiliency and ability to mitigate crises amidst chaos. Even during the height of the pandemic, Medxcel never slowed daily operations, and construction teams continued to make progress on new builds and renovations. When organizations experience emergency situations such as a pandemic, it's often too late to try to create a strong culture to get you through it. That’s why at Medxcel, we place value in building and improving our workplace culture year-round.
The success stories from our response to COVID-19 continue to be celebrated throughout Medxcel, and we are grateful for the dedication and hard work of each of our employees during this time. By sharing these stories, we’ve seen a ripple effect in our communities of kind acts that have helped our teams persevere. Our employees continue to tackle heavy workloads and experience pressure each day due to the pandemic, and we have a tremendous amount of pride for our teams that have been on the frontlines saving lives and working to contain the spread of COVID-19.
To learn more, listen to episode four of our podcast Outside the Patient’s Door as two industry experts - Brian Helleland, Chief Executive of St. Jude Medical Center, and Chris Soop, Area Vice President at Medxcel - share how they created processes within their everyday operations for employees to be reminded of the value of their work. You can listen at outsidethepatientsdoor.com, or find us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and more.
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