Medxcel associate, property manager Josh Ruth, was recently recognized through one of Medxcel’s customers by the Living Our Values Every Day (LOVED) committee for his work and actions in our company and our community. The LOVED committee is a program through the hospital system Josh supports, which reflects our core values – service of the poor, integrity, wisdom, dedication, reverence and creativity – and highlights associates who live out these words. We are proud to honor Josh and his virtuous servant leadership, as well as his commitment towards the environment of care and facilities management.

Josh was named the recipient of this award because of his strong compassion, his dedication and wisdom, and his generosity of spirit and creativity. Those that work with Josh daily have witnessed him exemplify these qualities, which also reflect his integrity and personal commitment to the work he does at Medxcel. These values define our organization and guide our employees as they fulfill our mission. This great honor has been commemorated by awarding Josh with a plaque.

Described by his peers as proactive and tireless in his pursuit of safety, Josh continues to inspire excellence in his community and support his team and local healthcare providers. He has worked to enhance the landscape of Medxcel properties and the surrounding community.

Josh is also an advocate for Miracle Camp, a summer camp program for children and adults with chronic or life-threatening illnesses. Josh recently organized a work clean-up day at the camp and worked with a local lumber company who donated a pole barn for the campers. To ensure the community is able to promote healing to poor and vulnerable populations, Josh seeks out this additional support and service to give back. By putting his passions into actions and results, Josh has been able to make a real difference.
The story of Josh Ruth not only reflects his own accomplishments, but also OUR story at Medxcel – the story of our mission and our organization. Here at Medxcel, we believe that the journey our customers take is a development of relationships over time, and we aim to align and deliver our services to meet each of our customer’s individual needs. Caring for our customers is a top priority at Medxcel, and through his acts of service, Josh has displayed how building and maintaining these customer relationships in healthcare can make a positive impact.