Here at Medxcel, we want to showcase our gratitude for all of the front line workers that have been putting their lives at risk to combat COVID-19. Not only do we want to recognize all of the doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals treating patients daily, but also all of the emergency management, facilities and construction teams that keep hospitals up and running 24/7. We have teams across the country doing their part to provide resources in their local communities and prevent the spread of the virus. During this time, we are continuing to celebrate our successes as we create solutions to face this unprecedented disruption to daily life.   

At the time of writing this, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has recently released more guidelines for hospitals on how to proceed with elective procedures, medical surgeries and more, now that the virus has been stabilized in some regions. These recommendations allow for non-essential care to resume given the facility is in a region with a low incidence of COVID-19. The CMS is still strongly encouraging maximum use of telehealth modalities where care can be accomplished virtually. With the drastic increase in telemedicine, CMS has also released a Telehealth Toolkit, which provides information on the expansion of services for all Medicare beneficiaries. Medxcel facilities are continuing to follow CMS guidelines with patient safety being the top priority.
Whether it be transforming a convention center into a hospital with 1,100+ beds or converting empty wings into isolation rooms overnight, our teams have been stepping up to get the work done. We’ve been embracing an “all hands on deck” mentality and have accomplished some incredible things over the last few months. Here’s a few of our favorite recent success stories:
  • In one facility, our associates were able to quickly manipulate building systems to increase the amount of isolation rooms in our facilities. PVC pipes were utilized to create conduits, which control access points by clinicians, staff, patients and guests.
  • Several emergency management teams established Incident Command Centers to provide more resources to treat and protect patients. One of our teams has also been assisting ministries on respiratory protection for high risk procedures, while conserving our PPE for the continued surge of the outbreak.
  • Many of our facilities have been setting up standing functional tents to install handwashing stations and port-a-potties. This has also included the installation of a full breaker panel for lighting, heat and air scrubbers, in addition to hard wiring exit lights in the area.
  • By staying proactive, one of our technicians identified a failing amplifier, found two parts needed for repair and secured them for minimal cost. In no time, the amplifiers were up and running, which especially in the current situation, is crucial for hospital-wide announcements.
  • Our landscaping crews have been putting up signs that say "Heroes Work Here!" around hospitals to encourage our patient care workers. Landscaping teams have also been instrumental in distributing supplies such as surgical masks, hand sanitizer, disposable gowns, gloves, face shields and other items.
  • Medxcel technicians have been reinforcing proper PPE, scheduling fitting for mask sizes and completing preventative maintenance work orders.
We are so appreciative of all our associates who have been working tirelessly to maintain functional and safe environments for patients to heal. We will continue to uphold our values by showcasing compassion, integrity and a strong commitment to service to our clients, communities, patients and visitors.
Today, we say thank you.