When we think about a hospital, we often think about the doctors, nurses and healthcare practitioners that directly provide quality patient care. However, there are many other crucial staff members, executives and facility managers just “outside the patient’s door” working tirelessly behind the scenes.
Our brand-new podcast, appropriately named Outside the Patient’s Door, highlights these dedicated associates and industry leaders who maintain safe, healing environments in healthcare facilities that allow our clinical staff to focus on what’s most important - treating patients.

Outside the Patient’s Door goes behind the scenes and behind the science of healthcare with one goal in mind: people first. On each episode, we dive into the issues that matter most, featuring panels of both peers and influential healthcare leaders to exchange ideas and create a fresh perspective.
Season one of the podcast will explore a variety of topics, ranging from how our facilities have successfully continued to handle the COVID-19 pandemic to ways to reduce expenses without sacrificing employee health. The show is hosted by Medxcel’s Manager of Marketing, Brand & Growth Esther Lawson and Commercial Engagement Consultant Heather GeRue.
The first episode on the topic of solving the healthcare skills gap and labor crisis is now available, and goes in-depth with VP of Operations Matt Keahey and VP of HR Patricia Sirmon on how they collaborate at Medxcel to develop and engage skilled healthcare employees. The team discusses how they are changing the narrative about vocational programs by educating students early in their career search, and how succession planning applies to building training programs for future skill requirements.
The next episode will feature Medxcel VP of Planning, Design and Construction Mike Wood and Houston Methodist Hospital Administrative Director of Innovation and Ambulatory Clinical Systems Josh Sol as they discuss recent shifts in patient care.
Future topics to look forward to this season include:
  • Emergency planning
  • The importance of full-time employees
  • Pride of workmanship
  • Employee engagement
  • And much more!
Every associate is integral to the operations of their facility, and this podcast will provide an inside look into how healthcare facilities are run, and the people and processes that make it possible for hospitals to treat patients 24/7/365. Listen now to Outside the Patient’s Door at outsidethepatientsdoor.com, or find us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and more. We’re so excited for you to listen!