Healthcare leaders are often tasked with seeking new ways to do, earn and serve more to sustain and improve performance-related business outcomes. In the hospital setting, it’s easy to first think of the patient audience and healing environment; however, without a highly engaged workforce, the healing environment suffers.

handshake-(1).jpgAccording to Gallup, only 22 percent of employees are engaged and thriving. This begs the question: What are healthcare facilities losing as a result of a disengaged workforce and how can we cultivate and sustain stronger internal relationships to support the healing environment?
Gallup also found that when organizations successfully engage their audiences, they experience a “240 percent boost in performance-related business outcomes.” Medxcel considers the following three-part value formula the most effective approach to creating a more data-driven and engaged workforce within a healthcare facility:
Data + Employee Engagement + Communication = Sustainable, Stronger Workforce
When properly collaborated and combined, these areas can help bridge the gap to build relationships that are fruitful and profitable for everyone involved. Individually, each of these components can be described as the following:
There is great importance in tracking and utilizing thorough, clear, reliable data for all components touching your facilities operations. Interpretation and clear communication of how that data impacts organizational goals allows for timelier and more effective decision making.
By using adequate tools and messaging for each audience, communication is streamlined and simple to sustain. Frequent communication is also important, as it creates a regular touchpoint between audiences and encourages two-way communication between leadership and employees.

Employee Engagement
This area allows employees to have a say in the department decisions, routines and their career path, as well as providing them with clear expectations, defined goals and opportunities to develop as a leader. By investing in their personal growth and giving value to their input, employees find a greater sense of purpose in their work and thus are pushed to remain engaged in their role.
Learn how this value formula can be put to work to benefit your healthcare facility in Medxcel’s latest white paper, 3 Components to High-Performing Healthcare Facilities: Data Communication & Engagement.