We don’t usually think of hospitals and making a sale going together; however, the curb appeal is usually the first impression the community receives. 

The curb-appeal can influence members of the community to visit your healthcare facility or stay far away from it. Keeping your property looking clean and charming can be a chore, but according to a study performed in Maggie Valley, North Carolina, it’s worth the hassle: the study found that 70% of first-time sales are based on the curb appeal of the business.

There are several additional great benefits to keeping up with landscaping around your healthcare facilities:

1. Prevents erosion

Any sort of ground cover, like grasses and mulch, can put a halt to erosion. These plants hold the soil in place, so the wind and rains cannot move it. Retaining walls serve the same purpose, while making the exterior of the building appear more architecturally rich. These walls can be made of stone, cement, or even wood.

2. Creates a positive first impression

Adding greenery to your outdoor area automatically makes the building appear more welcoming. Brightly colored flowers are also inviting to wildlife like bees, butterflies and hummingbirds, which in turn pollinate the plants. Customers and employees alike are drawn to inviting spaces,
With beautiful landscaping comes upkeep and maintenance—make sure your organization can keep up with things like trimming the bushes and replacing the mulch or is able to hire an outside lawn care company. Overgrown landscaping will hurt your business more than no landscaping would.
Grass also acts like a natural air conditioner and a dust catcher for the surrounding area. Grassy areas can be up to 20 degrees cooler than bare soil, and 31 degrees cooler than asphalt.

3. Improves quality of life

Did you know that staring out the window at a nature scene can lower both stress and blood pressure? A study from the University of Michigan has shown that spending time with nature can lead to improved memory and attention spans. Thankfully, employees and patients can have the best of both worlds at the same time, if your healthcare facility can make the following point work:

4. Creates new space

This won’t work for every building, but if you can create a space with tables and chairs for employees and patients to sit in to spend time outside, it can help energize them, improve their mood, and encourage them to talk to other people. Another benefit is the sun’s Vitamin D: Healthcare professionals suggest sitting in the sun for 20-30 minutes, three times per week to receive the recommended amount.  Most full-time employees stay indoors for eight to nine hours at a time, and long-term hospital patients are stuck inside even longer; providing them with this outdoor space could make a world of difference for both their professional and personal life.

5. Cools temperature inside

The money you invest into your landscaping will come back to you through savings on the energy bill. Planting trees not only adds depth to your outdoor space, but it provides shade during the summer. Trees prevent the sun from heating up the hospital as quickly as it could, and the air conditioner will be running less frequently. Trees shading healthcare offices can reduce attic temperatures by 40 degrees.