PDC is a common acronym in facilities management. Planning, Design and Construction is the capital program that enables facilities to grow. Medxcel PDC specifically has a dedicated focus on people and customers, and provides tools, processes, support resources, data analytics and insource strategies that drive results. One of the ways we do this is through energy. Really, it should be more common with the PDC acronym overall – PDC+E – because energy is a key strategy that integrates across the PDC processes to deliver the highest quality projects to our stakeholders.


Engaging energy at the planning phase is essential to allow the planning teams to review opportunities that support environmental stewardship goals. These goals often support CO2 reduction measures and ultimately result in utility cost savings measures. In addition to shaping plans that support end user goals, early incorporation of energy can help shape both supply and demand side strategies. This includes planning energy outputs and inputs and even available utility rebates that can be applied.
Why energy? It’s a 360-degree approach. As a facility plans for a reduction in upstream meter demand, the supply side team reviews opportunities to consolidate facility utility volume projections leveraging utility rate programs.


Standards, optimization, conservation, ROI and technology are all synonymous with energy programs. This phase is where programmed plans are turned into designs that support a lower carbon footprint with optimized energy spend, yielding projects that can be installed, meet planned objectives, and be efficiently maintained over a facility’s life cycle.
Why energy? Through design integration, the energy team works with pre-construction teams to validate solutions, explore new technologies, implement high-quality standards and work with external consultants on optimal designs.


Construction is the physical implementation of solutions that support environmental stewardship goals and energy utility savings. The energy team works with construction project managers to validate final system performance, assist with project closeout, and provide a seamless transition to our facility operators to ensure the new systems perform as intended. This phase is crucial in delivering on environmental stewardship goals and project objectives as defined in the planning phase.
Why energy? Validating properly installed assets will yield a positive impact on our environment, and facility operators will have the knowledge and resources to continue to drive performance as planned.

PDC processes touch many aspects of a traditional energy program.
  • Drives environmental stewardship goals
  • Execute strategies on both sides of the meter
  • Develops and implements standards
  • Applies latest technology
  • Validates project performance
  • Streamlines PDC to operations turnover
  • Measures and verifies goals
To put it simply: Why not ‘E’?