Medxcel Facilities Management (Medxcel FM) is here to offer support and create standardization all while bringing a level of expertise that will ultimately result in cost-containment and efficiencies that will improve the overall quality for your facility allowing you to keep your focus on the most important thing – the patient.

INDIANAPOLIS July 11, 2016 – Since the fall of 2013, Medxcel Facilities Management (Medxcel FM) has grown to serve more than 115 healthcare facilities, manages over 50 million square feet spanning across 15 states and has announced today the offering of its proven platform to the commercial healthcare marketplace. An Indianapolis-based company, Medxcel FM is dedicated to helping hospitals and clinics ensure physical facilities are operating safely and efficiently to improve patient satisfaction and contain costs.
“In perfecting our service platform, we have proven that effective facilities management and maintenance is crucial to keeping overall costs down and to ensuring an overall safe healthcare environment,” Michael Argir, President of Medxcel FM said. “As capital for healthcare continues to shrink, demand for these services is growing in the marketplace.”
The Medxcel FM team is led by a tenured executive leadership team with decades of expert professional healthcare facilities experience.  Our delivery team is comprised of specialized technicians, managers and subject matter expert support teams who efficiently and effectively deliver predictable outcomes in the Facilities Management, Emergency Management, Safety, Environment of Care, Project Management and Construction needs of our clients.
In the current healthcare environment, hospitals are being forced to do more with less while striving to reduce costs and improve patient outcomes. Medxcel FM delivers sustainable, dramatic value for facilities by guiding data-driven decisions that result in cost containment and an improved healthcare environment for our customers, helping them accomplish neglected or deferred repairs and improvements to their facilities. 
“One key component to our model is our insourcing strategy which brings talent back into our customer’s organizations, providing the skilled personnel and ongoing training necessary to self-perform many of the previously outsourced purchased services, delivering quality and cost-effective outcomes,” Argir states.  
Medxcel FM’s processes, technology and subject matter experts bring the critical expertise to drive operational improvements, efficiency and a new standard of Regulatory Compliance with The Joint Commission and other regulatory bodies. Medxcel FM focuses on providing on-going training for in-house talent to drive standardization and compliance system-wide with minimal invasion.
“We are leading the transformation of healthcare facilities management by offering a new way for hospitals to do business more efficiently and effectively,” Argir added.

Medxcel FM creates service strategies to not only manage hospital operations, but also the ever-expanding number of off- site medical office buildings, clinics and ambulatory surgery centers. As the healthcare ecosystem evolves and community-focused locations become a more prominent provider of patient services in addition to hospitals, facilities management will play a critical role in ensuring safety and cost containment. Medxcel FM’s platform has a proven track record of accomplishing that goal.

For more information, please visit www.medxcelfacilities.com.
About Medxcel FM
Created by healthcare for healthcare, Medxcel Facilities Management understands that facilities serve a higher purpose – providing safety and comfort to patients. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Medxcel Facilities Management creates healthcare service support products and drives in-house capabilities, savings and efficiencies for healthcare organizations that, in turn, improve the overall healthcare environment for patients and staff.