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A look at the lesser-known consequence of the opioid crisis

(BOSS Magazine 3/6/2019)

Workplace violence, including physical assaults and threats of assault directed toward persons at work or on duty, is a growing issue within the healthcare setting.

Many operate under the common belief that majority of violence occurs between co-workers. However, statistics show that 80 percent of incidents stem from patients. These incidents are grossly underreported as well.

And while countless patients and family members tend to be in distress when at the hospital, causing heightened emotions and reactions, there are several other factors that contribute to workplace violence in healthcare – including the rising misuse of opioids.

Medxcel's VP of Emergency Management, EC & Safety shares insights with BOSS Magazine on workplace violence and how healthcare facilities can minimize the physical threat on employees stemming from opioid abuse.  

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Opioids and Workplace Violence: Is there a correlation?, Originally published in BOSS Magazine