What to Ask Vendors in a Healthcare Facilities Management RFP

This white paper was designed for use with systems looking for information around designing an RFP. It features twenty essential questions healthcare facilities should consider when selecting a facilities management partner.

The landscape of healthcare has fundamentally changed over the past decade, underlining the value of dedicated facilities management teams and the importance of hospital leadership teams being in sync with their facility managers. As healthcare facilities struggle to adjust to the new normal, the choice of a facilities management partner is critical when addressing the challenges healthcare faces moving forward.

Facilities management vendors have widely varying models and expertise when it comes to staffing, standardization, technology, and the ability to quickly pivot when circumstances change and in emergencies.

To identify the best facilities management partner for your needs, start with a strong and clear request for proposal (RFP). Define your goals and identify the services and service model you need, then ask the right questions.

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