Medxcel Energy has a dedicated focus on our people and customers, as well as providing tools, processes, support resources, data analytics and insource strategies that drive results. We refer to this focus as iSERV, which represents Inspired People, Service Excellence, Engaged Customer, Reach and Value Optimization. Multiplying your facility’s efficiencies while reducing your spend isn’t only doable, but sustainable.

Key components making this possible are (a) growing your in-house capabilities, (b) reducing your reliance on external service contracts, and (c) leveraging the expertise, intel and buying power of a vendor-neutral partner.

Meeting the needs of today’s energy management and retro-commissioning projects in our healthcare facilities is no small feat. There are millions of dollars to be saved, but having the know-how, technology and access to ongoing support to ensure your facilities are running as efficiently as possible is hard to come by.

Medxcel Energy helps our customers identify energy reduction targets, enables facility performance excellence through data analytics and strategically aligns facilities management business processes. From real-time fault detection capabilities to industry-leading retro-commissioning practices, Medxcel Energy ensures your healthcare facility operates at the peak of performance and efficiency.

Since building efficiency is largely dependent on the skilled operation and reliability of building systems, continued monitoring of systems is critical for savings persistence and operations excellence. Medxcel Energy operations analysts continuously monitor critical facility systems from our state-of-the-art Remote Operations Center ensuring on-going building performance.

The Medxcel Energy platform provides:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Waste & Chemical Management
  • Education & Communication
  • Water Conservation
  • Retro-Commissioning
  • Fault Detection and Energy Management Platform

Operational Efficiency

Jason Scheidler, Chief Financial Officer

Real-time Building and Data Analytics

The Medxcel Energy building analytics platform gathers HVAC operations and energy consumption data and alerts building operations staff when less-than-optimum issues arise. The platform is a cloud-based system “overlay” to existing building automation systems (BAS). Critical operations data is harvested, analyzed and presented in a highly visual, actionable format.

Medxcel Energy Building Analytics Benefits:

  • Reports monthly energy savings on utility consumption
  • Automated operations alerts for low performing HVAC assets
  • KPI trends for building comfort, procedure room compliance and energy costs
  • Capital improvement project decision making data
  • Operations team planning and prioritization
  • Report environmental stewardship program achievement

Continuous Energy Management Support

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