Safety is top priority for your healthcare organization, which means it is also our top priority. The first place to start for safety is to ensure your facility remains compliant 24/7, which is not always an easy task given the ever-changing regulatory landscape. Another key component that is directly connected to compliance is to ensure your healthcare organization maintains emergency preparedness plans in the event a disaster impacts your community.

Your emergency management, environment of care and safety programs all have a direct impact on the financial health of your organization, either reducing or increasing risks for damage, harm and downtime.

Emergency Management

Scott Cormier, Vice President of Emergency Management, Environment of Care and Safety

Integrated Daily and Emergency Operations

Knowing that safety and emergency management operations are fully integrated into daily management and compliance is an important aspect in ensuring a safe environment. Often times we find these areas working independently, which in turn can cause the facility to run the risk of vulnerabilities.

Medxcel’s integrated solution creates whole hospital accountability to ensure a safe environment for patients, visitors and associates. It also generates a sustained state of readiness and the ability to offer continued service to communities during disasters.

Our Integrated Solution

  • Creates whole hospital accountability
  • Generates a sustained state of readiness

Facilities Management

Medxcel delivers a consolidated, standardized and self-performed program that drives efficiencies. We strive to ensure a safe healthcare environment, enhancing patient care and hospital revenue growth through an integrated expertise and evidence-based approach.

Combining oversight, compliance, services and support, you’ll benefit from a holistic approach to maintaining and enhancing your facilities operations.

Emergency Management

Medxcel has refined data-driven processes to help you plan for, respond to, and recover from natural and man-made disasters.

We’ll equip you with vulnerability analyses, preventive and preparation tactics to help ensure your facility can recover quickly in the event of a disaster, without diverting attention and resources away from patients. Additionally, we’ll partner with local, state, and federal emergency management teams to ensure your needs are met in times of greatest need.


Work-related injuries and illnesses at hospitals are nearly double that of private industry. Evidence-based safety programs can change that, reducing the harm and costs associated with staff, visitor and patient injuries.

We’ll help you reverse that trend and spot threats before they snowball into problems through expert assessments, controls, training and monitoring to continuously refine your safety program.


Environment of Care 

Environment of Care is the most cited area on regulatory surveys. Armed with a baseline assessment, careful review of your data and a plan of action, we ensure no aspect of your environment of care falls through the cracks and becomes a threat to your patients’ well-being. Our team also performs ligature risk assessments, to ensure your most vulnerable patients are protected from self-harm.

Elements include: safety, security, hazardous materials & waste, fire safety, medical equipment and utility systems.

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