Keeping up with evolving regulations is a full-time job – one that often weighs down facilities staff who’d serve you far better by focusing on the maintenance, repair and safety aspects of your healthcare environment.

Medxcel alleviates the need for your facilities staff to do both jobs, arming you with a turnkey compliance readiness solution.

Leading Compliance with Industry Experts

The three-phased approach that Medxcel uses will bring needed visibility into the current state of compliance, and build a strong action plan to close any gaps. This approach also aligns all stakeholders to ensure enhanced survey readiness for inspections performed by a range of governing bodies, such as The Joint Commission (TJC), Det Norske Veritas Healthcare, Inc. (DNV), Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and more. 

Your facility leadership will feel comfortable and confident that our Compliance Team of industry experts has decades of experience. Our goal is to establish standards and develop a blueprint for compliance, specific to each hospital facility. Our compliance model is characterized by three distinct activities outlined on the next page.

Regulatory Expertise & Survey Readiness With No Added Burden On Your Staff 

  • Policy and procedure compliance 
  • Hazard device alerts 
  • Recall management 
  • Preventive maintenance scheduling & completion 
  • Regulatory readiness and inspections 
  • Streamlined compliance reporting

3 Phased Approach

The acid test of an effective compliance strategy is one that’s been tested and emerged successfully after countless Joint Commission surveys. We’ll apply the same three-step approach to make your facilities audit-proof.

Current State Health Assessment, Pre-Startup

Phase 1 consists of a full review to determine facility-specific opportunities for improvement. The goal of the pre-assessment is to gather information on any immediate operational and compliance issues and develop a Startup Plan focusing on areas needing improvement.

Current State Health Assessment, Post-Startup 

Phase 2: During this phase, our Startup Team works with your facility management team to implement our state-of-the-art Facilities Management Operating System (FMOS™). FMOS™ organizes policies, procedures and regulatory documentation required for compliant operations. Once completed, a Post-Startup assessment will be completed to baseline the current level of compliance with a dynamic action plan to resolve and close identified findings.  

Current State Health Assessment, Program Validation

Phase 3: The Medxcel Compliance Team will complete Unannounced Validation Assessments to ensure facilities are meeting their compliance requirements while ensuring Continuous Survey Readiness. These compliance reviews allow you to focus on day-to-day tasks knowing your facility is ready when The Joint Commission, or another governing body shows up at your door.

Operational/Compliance Support – Continuous Survey Readiness

Medxcel utilizes Regional Facilities Support Managers to support facilities in their effort towards Continuous Survey Readiness. Our Support Managers meet quarterly with the facilities teams to ensure findings and issues are corrected, resolved and closed. 

With Medxcel’s three phased Current State Health Assessment coupled with our regional Facilities Support Managers, you can rest assured your facility will be survey ready.  But that doesn’t mean you can cross it off the list and move onto something else. Maintaining survey readiness requires ongoing action to make sure that months down the road, your facility is still fully prepared.

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