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4 Crucial Practices to Ensure Survey Readiness Amidst Regulatory Changes


Larry LaCombe, Vice President of Program Management and Facilities Compliance shares his views on how to ensure survey readiness as regulatory changes continue to impact healthcare facilities.  Regulatory requirements have undergone considerable changes in the past year, adding urgency and pressure for healthcare leaders to upgrade their compliance efforts. It's easy to feel overwhelmed under the weight of such a lofty goal, but know that it's well within your reach — no sleepless nights required. In helping healthcare facilities achieve 24/7 survey readiness, we've learned it's helpful to cultivate four simple but crucial practices.

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Disaster Preparedness: 5 Key Components to Effective Emergency Management


Natural Disasters cause nearly 500 deaths annually in the United States. Unfortunately, healthcare facilities in the U.S. continue to fall short in disaster planning and preparedness. This lack of preparation creates the potential for serious ramifications, putting staff, patients and the financial security of the hospital at risk. Below are five key components to an effective emergency management plan.

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Preparing for an Infectious Disease Outbreak


Recently, Scott Cormier, Vice President of Emergency Management, Environment of Care and Safety contributed an article to Healthcare Business Today about how healthcare facilities can prepare for an infectious disease outbreak.  

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Active Shooter Planning and Response Guide


Vice President of Emergency Management, Environment of Care and Safety, Scott Cormier in collaboration with the Healthcare and Public Health Sector Coordinating Council released a new edition of the Active Shooter Planning and Response Guide earlier this year.  This new edition brings additional information on warm zone operations providing care in an area wherein a potential threat exists, but it is not direct or immediate, law enforcement tactics, unified command, and psychological support.

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Medxcel Facilities Management partners with TriMedx Foundation to expand support of hospitals, communities globally


Medxcel Facilities Management (FM), a company leading the transformation of healthcare facilities management, announced today the partnership with Trimedx Foundation, a nonprofit global medical foundation, to expand the TriMedx Foundation’s mission of addressing the international need for medical equipment repair and support to now include facilities asset management. Together the partnership will help hospitals in need integrate the environment of care to improve healthcare delivery globally.

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6 Steps for Creating an Active Shooter Plan


Scott Cormier, Vice President of Emergency Management, Environment of Care and Safety published a guest post with Healthcare Business & Technology that details six steps that will help hospital administrators develop an effective response plan to an active shooter situation. 

Active shooter – No matter where you are, that two-word phrase inspires fear and panic in almost everyone, and it should. An active shooter is an individual or individuals actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area.

Now, imagine that active shooter is within the walls of your hospital.


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Patient Care?


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Active Shooter Planning and Response in a Healthcare Facility


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Medxcel FM Offers Facility Management Solutions to Ensure Safe and Efficient Operations in Hospitals Throughout the U.S.


Medxcel Facilities Management (Medxcel FM) is here to offer support and create standardization all while bringing a level of expertise that will ultimately result in cost-containment and efficiencies that will improve the overall quality for your facility allowing you to keep your focus on the most important thing – the patient.

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Medxcel Facilities Management Recognized as one of the Achievers 50 Most Engaged Workplaces


TriMedx and Medxcel Facilities Management, today have been recognized together as one of the Achievers 50 Most Engaged Workplaces™ in North America for displaying leadership and innovation to engage employees in the workplace. TriMedx elevates clinical engineering through innovative management programs, and medical equipment lifecycle solutions. Medxcel Facilities Management provides healthcare facilities with the following services: Facilities Maintenance, Project Management and Construction, Safety and Emergency Management, Grounds, and Environment of Care.

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