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4 Considerations When Designing Pediatric Healthcare Units


When it comes to design, pediatric healthcare units are different. The tiny patients they care for in these spaces not only require special care, but they require special design choices, too.  Medxcel's VP of Planning, Design & Construction, Dan Scher shared with Becker's Hospital Review 4 considerations when designing pediatric healthcare units. 

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'How's my hospital running today?'


'How's my hospital running today?' is a fair question for the COO of a hospital to ask a member of the hospital's facilities department. While it could be a casual greeting, if pressed, how would your facilities team answer the question? Could they answer with measurable data?  

As facility managers look to the future of facility operations, it's undeniable that the future will likely involve buidling analytics.  In an article published by Healthcare Facilities Today, Jim Prince, Medxcel's Director of Energy and Performance Excellence covers how building analytics plays a vital role in not only controlling energy usage, but it can also control the overall health of the facility as well.  

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CMS Developing More Uniform Ligature Risk Guidance


Patient suicide ranks among the top three sentinel events, reports The Joint Commission (TJC), prompting regulators to focus heavily on ligature risks.  Because of that, hospitals may soon have a more uniform set of guidance on protecting patients from ligature risk according to a memo issued by CMS to state survey agency directors, reports Relias Media.  In this article, Sue Andersen, Medxcel's National Director of Emergency Management, Environment of Care and Safety shares her insights on this topic with Relias Media. 

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Prioritizing Hospital CEOS' #1 Priority: Cost Control and the Physical Environment


According to Advisory Board’s Annual Health Care CEO Survey, cost control has surpassed revenue growth as healthcare system CEOs’ number one priority.  When discussing cost control in the physical space of a hospital, Medxcel's National Vice President of Operations, Matt Keahey has valuable insights that he shared with Boss Magazine on three ways to prioritize your facility to enable cost control. 

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Medxcel Recognized as One of Nation's Most Engaged Workplaces for Third Consecutive Year


Indianapolis (Aug. 29, 2018) — Medxcel, an Indianapolis-based healthcare integrated facilities management provider, was recognized today as one of the nation’s most engaged workplaces by a panel comprised of employee engagement academics, industry analysts, thought leaders, journalists and influencers. The annual award, Achievers 50 Most Engaged Workplaces™ in North America, identifies top employers that display superior leadership and innovation in engaging their workplaces. 

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Value-based healthcare models require a better-educated, patient-centered workforce


The drive to attain value-based care is reshaping hospital staffing at every level, from hiring to education to teamwork.   Modern Healthcare spoke to several healthcare executives serving in multiple roles within the hospital, including Medxcel's National Vice President of Operations, Matt Keahey.  Read on for valuable insights from these leaders as they address the workforce. 

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Experts address ligature-resistant environments at annual conference


Assessing health care facilities for ligature risk was the topic of discussion at this morning’s general session at the American Society for Health Care Engineering (ASHE) Annual Conference & Technical Exhibition. 

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Hurricanes and healthcare: 4 ways disaster preparedness can minimize devastating results


Hurricanes are devastating to communities. That’s why hospitals must be prepared for such natural disasters to minimize damages and take care of their current patients and the people affected by the hurricanes.  In a guest post in Healthcare Business & Technology, Medxcel's Scott Cormier, VP of emergency management, environment of care and safety offers four ways healthcare executives can prepare for the hurricane season.

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4 ways to protect healthcare organizations and staff against workplace violence


Workplace violence against healthcare workers can be as simple as a doctor yelling at a nurse or a patient intimidating a doctor. However, it can also be as grave as a deadly assault. Regardless of severity, it’s imperative healthcare organizations find effective measures to eliminate violence and protect their workforce.

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A Continuous Assessment: Understanding Compliance During New Construction


Just as healthcare professionals must remain nimble in light of new medical research, healthcare facilities, too, must keep pace with rapid changes in code compliance, neighborhood health, sustainability, and energy management. Code compliance is particularly crucial during new construction.  Larry Lacombe, VP of Program Development and Facilities Compliance stresses the importance of ongoing assessments during new construction. 

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Planning for Pandemonium


Healthcare organizations play a vital role in the community when disaster strikes and it is imperative they are prepared for all types of crisis scenarios. Healthcare Purchasing News recognized the importance of this and interviewed Medxcel's Scott Cormier, VP of emergency management, environment of care and safety for his expertise, amongst other experts in the field of planning for disasters.  

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Tornado preparedness: 3 ways to safeguard healthcare facilities against disaster


Hospitals are in a unique position when disaster strikes.  Predominately regarded as safe havens, hospitals are expected to continuously provide quality patient care and protection to patients, associates and visitors during a disaster, as well as prepare to receive victims from the disaster. 


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3 Strategies to Minimize Regulatory Overload


Federal legislation is implemented to ensure superior, safe, and reliable patient care. However, for many healthcare organizations, new regulation can feel more like a headache than anything else. In recent years, clinical staff and facilities managers alike have seen an increased amount of time spent on regulatory compliance, which can take away from other valuable initiatives.  A lot of this can be overwhelming for healthcare leaders. Larry Lacombe, Vice President of Program Development and Facilities Compliance shares his insights and breaks down 3 strategies to minimize regulatory overload.

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Creating a single operational culture after a merger


When healthcare organizations merge, the union of the facilities departments is rarely at the top of the leaders’ list of priorities.  Medxcel's Area Vice President Damian Skelton was asked by Health Facilities Management to share insights based on his experience.  "What was successful was when we came together in a room and had discussions, and agreed on the pathways forward," Skelton states.  

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Medxcel Client Facility Earns Prestigious LEED Certification, Austin Energy Green Building Rating for Green Design and Construction Methods


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (March 28, 2018)Dell Seton Medical Center at The University of Texas at Austin, a project of Medxcel and Ascension, has received Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold and a 4-Star Austin Energy Green Building rating for its green design and construction methods.

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Ligature: This year's regulatory heavy hitter


Patient suicide ranks among the top three sentinel events, reports The Joint Commission (TJC), prompting regulators to focus heavily on ligature risks this year.  If many suicide attempts are impulsive, TJC reasons, then reducing environmental risks and opportunities for self-harm is vital for curbing the suicide trend in healthcare settings. Larry Lacombe, Vice President of Program Development and Facilities Compliance for Medxcel shares his insights and why we are calling ligature this year's regulatory heavy hitter.  

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Building Automation Systems: The Primary Backbone for Energy Savings in a Hospital


Compliance remains a crucial component of every decision a healthcare facility makes, just the same, the building automation system you use must maintain compliance with all regulatory requirements.  In this article published by CIOReview, Medxcel's Area Vice President, Damian Skelton covers four critical considerations for healthcare executives.  

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Growing Facilities ROI, Capabilities by Reducing Contracts


With a new year on the horizon, you’re again challenged to find new ways to curb spending, get more done, boost revenue, patient satisfaction, and compliance. After all, your job as a healthcare leader is to make each year better and more profitable than the last. Medxcel FM's Vice President of Operations, Matt Keahey shares his insights on how to curb wasteful spending while multipyling outcomes and ROI.  

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Getting the 'full view': 4 critical building automation system considerations for healthcare executives


The building automation system (BAS) is the primary backbone for energy savings in a hospital. From controlling every aspect of the HVAC system (chillers, boilers, air handling units, variable air volume boxes and more), the benefits from a well programed BAS ultimately ensures the HVAC systems operational performance which can reduce energy costs and keep patients, visitors and staff comfortable. 

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6 steps for creating an active shooter plan


Active Shooter. No matter where you are, that two-word phrase inspires fear in almost everyone. And it should. An active shooter is an individual or individuals actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area.


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