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Connecting the Dots Between Value and Metrics


We often think of metrics as straight-forward, devoid of ambivalence, bias or misinterpretation, but you know better: Data can take on new meanings depending on how it’s presented, or by whom.

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Associate Engagement as a Revenue Enhancer


At many healthcare facilities, associate engagement is an untapped means of enhancing revenue, and one already available to you.
An associate who feels valued will always do more than required, consider what’s best for the organization as they make decisions, and stick around for the long run. 

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Active Shooter Preparedness for Healthcare Facilities


The following infographic addresses planning and response strategies, along with the importance of preparedness through training and effective communications during a crisis. 

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The Hospital Administrator’s Impact & Responsibility for the Physical Environment


Code compliance is changing, placing greater responsibility for the physical environment squarely on the shoulders of hospital administrators. 

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4 New Challenges Driving Costs & Safety Violations at Healthcare Facilities


The healthcare terrain has shifted dramatically over the past few years, and evolving regulation and market behavior continue to bring new challenges you didn’t have to worry about just a few years ago. In facilities management, four obstacles can cause costs and safety violations to mount, unless hospital leaders are aware and equipped to tackle them effectively. 

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How Optimized FTEs Boost Revenue


As you strategize to make the coming year better (and more profitable) than the last, you’ll be tasked with finding new ways to get more done while cutting costs—again

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How Healthcare Facilities Are Losing Money “Behind the Wall”


In the endless effort to boost revenue, many healthcare organizations reserve their dollars for high-visibility, high-ROI areas, postponing or cutting corners in hard-to-see facility improvements—only to learn delaying those investments multiplies costs in the long run. Not only that, but the practice puts the organization’s compliance, patient safety and experience at risk—not to mention reimbursements.

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Wasteful or Essential?


When your facilities team comes to you seeking funding for new tools, services or changes to your facilities environment, how do you discern the essential from the wasteful? Put another way, how do you capture the right context and severity of those requests, and weigh them against cost-reduction goals?

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A Year in Review with Medxcel FM


2016 was a BIG year for us and we wanted to share some of the highlights with you.

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Disaster Preparedness: Managing a Healthy Healing Environment amidst a Wildfire


We, amongst everyone else in the nation, have been keeping a close eye on the impact of the wildfires ripping through the Smoky Mountains.  The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency have been putting their disaster preparedness plans in action and working tirelessly to contain the disaster, but a wildfire of this magnitude has everyone on edge, hoping for no casualties and feeling heartbroken over the damage that has already been caused. 

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Keeping Your Healing Environment Safe amongst the Tinsel and Trees


The holidays are typically a time of year full of joy and cheer, and the twinkle lights, sparkly garland and ornaments seem to get most of us into the holiday spirit. However, holiday decorations do pose a severe fire threat if not properly controlled. If you are not careful, this joyous season could create hazards that impact the safety and compliance of your facility. 

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When Disasters Strike: 3 Indispensable Practices for Patient Safety, Business Continuity & Financial Health


Just days before the CMS flips the switch on its new emergency preparedness requirements, we’ve been reminiscing about seemingly harmless oversights that can backfire in big ways, increasing risks to patients, hospital operations and revenue in the event of a disaster.
In this article we list three habits your organization must cultivate to avoid common tripwires that can worsen conditions as you go into crisis mode.

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3 Emergency Management Missteps That Sink Profits, Put Patients and Facilities at Risk


From storms to hurricanes and floods, natural disasters have ravaged many communities in recent years, prompting the Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to issue new emergency preparedness requirements for healthcare providers, effective in November, 2016.


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Compressed Remediation Timelines


Many hospitals face the same challenges when it comes to maintaining a safe environment and avoiding ‘dings’ from a compliance survey, declining resources remaining one of the most difficult obstacles.  The priority to effectively manage and remediate compliance issues in-between surveys should resonate high amongst healthcare leaders, especially now with shortened remediation timelines enforced by The Joint Commission.  Now it’s time to navigate through the impact these changes are having on your facility and how you can manage them.

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First Surveyor Impressions: Key Indicators You'll Likely Nail (Or Fail) Your Facility Regulatory Survey


Within minutes of walking into your facility and talking with your staff, experienced surveyors have a very good idea whether you’ll nail or fail your facility regulatory survey. Document disorganization is a window into a program’s dysfunction, it’s hard to hide and seasoned surveyors invariably grow attuned to signs of a problematic facilities program.

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How to Rein in Your Top Operating Costs


Facilities management can often seem like a role that goes unnoticed.  On the one hand, you are responsible for some of the most important aspects of healthcare, such as patient safety, customer satisfaction, a well-maintained physical environment, and the provision of the resources your hospital staff needs for successful outcomes. Yet, behind the scenes, you are constantly under pressure to control costs, find new efficiencies and do more with less—all without jeopardizing the effective operation of your facility.

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The State of the Industry? Challenging, as usual.


Controlling costs is a big challenge for healthcare executives now more than ever.  In this article we will illustrate the most obvious challenges and ways to rethink how to approach facilities management in order to contain costs and improve efficiency in your facility.  

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